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Telecrane® USA

Telecrane USA, is an official distributor and after sales service provider for Telecrane® Radio Remote controllers in United States of America. Telecrane USA is not a subsidiary of or affiliated with the manufacturer of Telecrane Products.

Founders of Telecrane USA® have more than 20 years of experience in distribution, maintenance, and after sales services of Telecrane® remote controls around the world. Telecrane® Radio Remote Controls are the number one choice not only for crane applications, but also for a wide verity of other industrial applications.

At TELECRANE® USA our goal is to provide fast and reliable service to all of our customers. We want to earn your business by becoming a dependable partner and help you to optimize the application of Telecrane® Remote Controls in your line of business.

Telecrane® is a registered Trademark of Lee’s High Tech Enterprises.

F24-6D  F24-8D  F24-10D

F25-6-8-10 250x400 131KB

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Telecrane F24-6D  F24-8D  F24-10D


F21F24GroupTransG TR 400

For Repairs
Please call:
(626) 710 4197
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 CD USB Transparent 250x250 79KB

Software CD  &  USB Cable


F25Series Copier 250x250 61KB

F25 Series Program Copier (U)


TxCover Long 250x250 68KB

Transmitter Protective Cover (8/10)


Tx-Cover Short 250x250 63Kb

Transmitter Protective Cover (2/4/6)