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F25-8D General Specification

EMS Button × 1    Start Button × 1    Rotary Key × 1

8 Double Step Buttons

Package includes: One Transmitter + One Receiver + Transmitter Protective Cover



RF Unit: Microprocessor controlled PLL synthesizer (160 Channels)
RF Power: FCC Part 15 (50mV/meter field strength)
RF Approval: License-free in North America
Installation: Pre-wiring cable for quick and easy installation
Casing: Durable casing with extra shock resistance (IP65)
Temperature Range: -49°F to 185°F (-40°C to +85°C)
Operation Range: Up to 110 yards (100 meters)


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Power Supply: Four 1.5 Volts Batteries Power Supply:

24/48/(110)/220/380 VAC 50-60 Hz(±20%)

Dimensions: 7.32×2.4×2 inches (186×61×51 mm) Dimensions: 7.87×6.38×4.21 inches (200×162×107mm)
Weight: About 0.55 lbs (250 g) w/o batteries Weight: About 3.42 lbs (1550 g) without cable
Power Indication: 3 Stage with LED Indicator Vehicle Unit:
 12 - 24 VDC   For Vehicle installations
Default VAC:
 (110 VAC)
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Product Manual Transmitter Protective Cover With Back-up/Spare Transmitter
Wiring Diagram Function Set-up Software
USB Connecting Cable
  F25 Series Program Copier      



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F21F24GroupTransG TR 400

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 CD USB Transparent 250x250 79KB

Software CD  &  USB Cable


F25Series Copier 250x250 61KB

F25 Series Program Copier (U)


TxCover Long 250x250 68KB

Transmitter Protective Cover (8/10)


Tx-Cover Short 250x250 63Kb

Transmitter Protective Cover (2/4/6)