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If you want to return your Remote Controller for repair, please follow the guidelines below:

Product Return for Maintenance/Repair procedures are explained in detail in Terms and Condition of Sales. Please read the related sections to make sure if your return request meets these conditions.

For returning products please follow the guidelines below:

  1. Fill out the Maintenance Request form and submit it, (scroll down to view the form).
  2. Upon successful submission you will receive a confirmation email of your submission. If you do not receive this email, it means your submission was not successful. Please re-submit your request.
  3. Upon reception of your request, Telecrane USA will provide you with a RMA (Return Merchandize Authorization) Number and instructions to return the product for repair.
  4. You will then return the product according to the instructions provided.

Note: Telecrane USA will only process  returns, for which return conditions are met.  Maintenance FAQ



Repair Request Form

Customer Information
Product Information

F24-6D  F24-8D  F24-10D

F25-6-8-10 250x400 131KB

Need a Replacement Transmitter?
Please call:
(626) 710 4197
or email to

Telecrane F24-6D  F24-8D  F24-10D


F21F24GroupTransG TR 400

For Repairs
Please call:
(626) 710 4197
or email to


 CD USB Transparent 250x250 79KB

Software CD  &  USB Cable


F25Series Copier 250x250 61KB

F25 Series Program Copier (U)


TxCover Long 250x250 68KB

Transmitter Protective Cover (8/10)


Tx-Cover Short 250x250 63Kb

Transmitter Protective Cover (2/4/6)